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Professional Combines and Developmental Camps for Basketball Players

InfoSport :

Pro Basketball Combines

Welcome to InfoSport's Pro Basketball Combines
InfoSport's 2009 Pro Basketball Combine dates will be announced in the fall of 2008.


For the past eleven years, InfoSport has been a key factor in the assistance of securing pro playing offers from teams around the world for countless American basketball players. For a list of many past participants and where they have played professionally, please click here.

InfoSport is the longest-running independent pro basketball combine in the US.

We encourage you to verify our credentials and track record. We are certain that a comparison of our proven success versus the claims of most of our competition will confirm why we have been helping players in the US longer than anyone else that does what we do, and with far greater success.

What sets InfoSport's Pro Basketball Combines apart from so many other seemingly similar events is that our events are produced in a combine format. What that means for the players that participate is that the data which is generated on each player is made available to EVERY professional basketball team around the world through a variety of distribution methods.

We also teach players about the different nuances of playing overseas and at the pro level. At the Pro Player Seminars, we provide extensive information on how to market yourself to teams, work with agents, and what to expect when making the leap from amateur to professional basketball player. At the combine, our staff provides tips and information about the international game, from offensive and defensive secrets, to playing with European lanes and other rules.

NBA and WNBA draft-eligible college seniors, pro basketball veterans and qualified free agents seeking contracts in the NBA, D-League, WNBA, WBCBL, IBL, CBA, other US-based minor leagues, or any international league attend one of InfoSport's Pro Basketball Combines where they are evaluated by a professional scouting and coaching staff.

The data that is collected on each combine participant is combined with that individual's current basketball resume and written combine evaluation, to provide each player with the most comprehensive and credible written tools to market their basketball talents. These player reports are distributed through our web site to professional basketball teams, leagues, scouts and agents around the world.

Please take the time to search this site, where you can find information on the application procedure and an application form (2008-please click here for MEN or WOMEN). The site also contains answers to many frequently-asked questions.

Pro Player Developmental Camp

The day preceding each combine, InfoSport holds an optional Pro Player Developmental Camp. This event is designed to benefit the players in a variety of ways.

This day provides players with the opportunity to get instructional feedback from the InfoSport staff. Players will participate in drills and game competition. This is a great opportunity for players to get a thorough workout the day before the combine, and for many, will be their first exposure to the FIBA (international) rules of play. It will also involve scrimmages and drill stations that will allow players to become more proficient in utilizing their different skills, making them more versatile prospects to professional teams. Versatility, and the ability to contribute to a team on a variety of different levels, is one of the key elements of successful American players abroad. This day will also allow players the opportunity to work at their natural positions. Many players have been out of position in college, relative to where they would play at the next level. The day will focus on position-specific identifiable skills, enhancing each player's performance and versatility at the combine. There will also be a session on shooting (shot selection, recognition and creation - with and without the basketball).

Take advantage of InfoSport's professional instruction to maximize your showing at the combine.


"I personally think it (InfoSport) is the best exposure camp in the USA. There are a lot of things you are doing the European way." - Iska Waterloh, SLAMMERS  BASKETBALL, Germany


"InfoSport combines are consistently loaded with quality participants and great
individuals. With their accurate rating system and precise in depth profiles, InfoSport has become a solid reference point for myself.  The athletes I've dealt with from InfoSport combines have been nothing short of outstanding.  A real must for ballers seeking attention and exposure, InfoSport is a SLAM DUNK !!"  -  Al Clocker, Head Coach, USBL & EBA and Scout/Player Personnel Director, New York Nationals/Harlem Globetrotters


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“InfoSport was the reason for my great experience (playing professional basketball."

Anne Blair
St. Mary's College

(France, 2002-03)

The combine & (web) site really helped me get exposure and my game did the rest. Thanks for your help."

Greg Hamilton
livet College

MTV Kronberg; VfR Limburg

(Germany, 2005-06)



Derick Grant
(InfoSport 2005)

College of New Jersey

Signed with Harlem Globetrotters for 2006-07

Dana Renae Jones
(InfoSport 2004)

(Team Reebok 2004)

NWBL - Chicago Blaze - 2005

Shawn Faust

(InfoSport 2003)

U of West Florida

Touring as member of the NY Nationals, with Harlem Globetrotters

Chuck Frierson

(InfoSport 2005)

Dominican College

Atlanta Vision, ABA

2005-06 season